Smith Creek Streamer Fly Patch

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The Streamer Patch is the patented, extreme access, double-sided fly patch system especially designed to hold streamers and large terrestrials / dries. Its exposed ribs protect your flies from damage and loss due to rub-offs.

Double-sided… it holds a lot of flies within an ergonomic and adaptable form. Flies are held securely in custom micro slit foam and protected from damage or loss by its patented exposed ribs.

Attach it to a lanyard, a vest D-ring or a zinger, it’s exceptionally easy to use with unparalleled access to secured flies. It’s designed to be worn on vests or clothing, chest / sling packs. A stainless-steel attachment cable is provided.

Load it up in the morning and leave your fly boxes behind.

Smith Creek designer Wayne writes: “I designed this around the need to fish lighter, faster and less encumbered by gear. Wow it was fantastic… I could pin it anywhere and have great access to my flies.”

Like all Smith Creek products the Streamer Patch is crafted from select materials. The body is made from a resilient UV resistant EVA and rubber blend custom formulated for superior hook retention and toughness. The exposed ribs are made from solid high impact plastics.

Smith Creek, uncompromising fishing gear. Company founder Wayne Smith, originally from California, discovered his own New Zealand paradise while fishing his way across the South Pacific on his sailboat twenty odd years ago. Being a designer and innovator he continues to think up new and better ways of doing things.

Every product that Smith Creek offers is an expression of our passion for adventure, the outdoors, and fly-fishing in particular.

Double Sided – Wearable Open Fly Box. Extreme access. Load and leave fly boxes in camp.
Holds flies securely. Ribs protect against damage & rub-offs.
Adaptable – Zinger, Lanyard, D-Ring, or Pocket. Includes a stainless-steel attachment cable.
Smith Creek quality. Custom formulated UV resistant body & high impact plastic.
Patented No. 613464. USA & Worldwide patents pending.