EMMAKITES 100% Braided Kevlar Line String Tensile Option High Strength for Outdoor Activities Tactical Survival General Purpose

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EMMAKITES Braided Black Kevlar Line

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EMMAKITES Braided Black Kevlar Line

“Not Just Yellow”

Black into every Kevlar fiber, every Kevlar yarn from Dupont!

Kevlar Black yarn is used in a variety of applications in military apparel, cut and heat resistance products, firefighter gear­ due to its high tension level every yarn, high resistance to cut, heat, chemicals (especially acids, and alkalis.)

If you use it as a kite flying line, the color black will facilitate the line to be seen in the sky so that the control of the line will be much easier.
Black Kevlar String is excellent resistance to salt water will qualify it be a great line in fishing applications.
There is more to do with black Kevlar string than you imagine.
Due to its high strength, high toughness, high melt-point and high abrasion resistance, plus visibility of color black, Black Kevlar will always be a good companion and helper in outdoor activities.

300lbs – 1.1mm
500lbs – 1.3mm
500lbs with core – 1.5mm
Made of 100% Kevlar Fiber from Dupont Company of Super High Strength.
Kevlar features high tensile strength, high melting point ( above 930F, high cut, abrasion resistance and it is widely used in firefighting rescue.
Kevlar line is widely used in outdoor activities, rescue, survival, fishing and other general purpose because of its unique and powerful characteristics.
Get prepared kevlar string in your home depot or in your outdoor pack. It will be a great helper for you while take almost no space and bring almost no burden to you.
Even number strands are taken to weaving with the purpose to offer the line beautiful shape




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