Deep Drop LED Fishing Lights-Water Activated Flashing Strobe-Rated Depth 3,280ft-Diamond Shape-Pack of 4

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Water Activated Deep Drop Fishing Flashing LED Lights

These must-have LED Lights will be a great addition to your fishing tackle. These lights have a small hoop in the bottom which can be attached through your leader and affixed into position with a rigging band. You can have the rig made with a single strobe light or staggered with multiple lights. These strobe lights mimic squid below the surface which ideally brings the fish closer to your bait. Great for night or daytime fishing. Completely reusable. After done using, just dry and store.

  • Built-in battery for long time use

  • Duration: up to 350 hours

  • Bright, Solid and Durable

  • Works in both fresh and salt water

  • Rated for a depth up to 3280 feet

Package Includes:

4 Lights (1 Red, 1 White, 1 Blue, 1 Green)

100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

LED WATER Activated Deep Drop up to 3,280 Feet
REUSABLE 350 Hours Lifespan (Approx 14 days)
HIGHLY VISIBLE (1 Flash per second)
PERFECT for Night fishing, Daytime Sword fishing, Tuna, Fish Attractant, Salt & Fresh Water
DURABLE Pack of 4