Caddis Men’s Attractive 2-Tone Tauped Deluxe Breathable Stocking Foot Wader(DOES NOT INCLUDE BOOTS)

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Stockingfoot Deluxe Breathables

Caddis Stockingfoot Deluxe Breathables are the ultimate in lightweight design. They’re ideal for those days when the mornings are cool and the days are long and hot. This product is the perfect all-around breathable wader.

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The Ultimate In Breathability

The secret behind Caddis breathable wader technology is our CaddisDry fabric. CaddisDry fabric’s waterproof, breathable layer will not allow water molecules to pass through and enter the waders – however, it does this while still allowing smaller vapor molecules to exit. With no build up of moisture within the waders, you’ll stay comfortable in all seasons.

At A Glance

  • Attractive 2-tone taupe color
  • Heavy-duty polyester material
  • CaddisDry breathable technology
  • Reinforced knees
  • Attached gravel guards
  • Seams taped, glued, and stitched
  • Foot taped inside and out
  • New quad pocket
  • High-density neoprene soles

Safe Wading Tips

Always keep these two rules in mind when wading in any body of water: wade with caution, and wade with care. There are obvious and not-so-obvious dangers inherent with wading. Following these tips will help you experience a safe and enjoyable trip.

  • Use a wading staff to feel the bottom before stepping.
  • Never wade alone.
  • Always wear waders that fit properly.
  • Wear a wading belt to create a seal between your body and the wader.
  • In rivers and streams, identify potential dangers down current such as waterfalls, log jams, or undertows before entering the water.
  • Walk slowly, smoothly, and carefully.
  • Wear a personal floatation device.
  • Be aware of tides, currents, and water level changes.
  • If you fall, don’t panic. Don’t fight the current, work with it. Allow the current to drift you downstream as you work your body towards the bank.
  • Never continue wading if your waders are full of water.

Breathable Wader Key Fit Points – Men

Size Max Inseam Max Girth Max Foot
Small 32″ 43″ 9.5
Medium 33″ 45″ 10.5
Large 35″ 48″ 11.5
XLarge 36″ 51″ 12
XXLarge 37″ 55″ 13
Medium Stout 33″ 50″ 10.5
Large Stout 35″ 54″ 11.5
XLarge Stout 36″ 57″ 12
XXLarge Stout 37″ 64″ 13
Medium Tall 36″ 45″ 10.5
Large Tall 37″ 47″ 11.5
XLarge Tall 38″ 51″ 13

For short stouts subtract 3″ from the inseam.

Comfortable 2 Tone Taupe stocking foot Breathable waders with double knee’s, adjustable deluxe suspenders, new Quad pocket and attached breathable gravel guards.
Works great in all weather conditions to keep you warm and comfortable while fishing, clamming or working in your pond.
We use only the highest quality breathable material with a durable Poyester outer using CaddisDry technology that allows perspiration through, but keeps water out.
The feet are double taped glued and stitched to make sure your feet stay warm and dry. Boots should be purchased separately.
This family of waders has more adult sizes than any other wader series in our line. Men and women of most body sizes are addressed here.
Refer Indications section below for help in selecting size. For short stouts subtract 3″ from the inseam.


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